Apr 28, 2009

Long time no see...

Hi there you all..
This dark alley is getting damper by the minute...
A lot is going on, not necessarily music-wise (unfortunately)...
My latest undisclosed craze is getting the better of me, and succeeding in keeping me at bay of everything creative (music included).. However this "craze" just might get the better of me for the time being as it promises to contribute to my financial health... (in the long run).
I switched computers... again... and lost most of my news-feeders (which remain in my laptop), but expect something new this week!
I know my buddy is keeping up the good work back in the Capital, and we're still to post some snippets of the "Belarmino Project". Hopefully this weekend something will be done.
I got a lot of info regarding the Sheep-Daw series in the drawer/closet/bag, which I promise I will post in the utmost urgency (sometime this year). Just remember the name "Usine"... a definitive winner in this department.
Once I get my hands in my MIDI-interface I'll be able to use my still-unexplored Korg ES1-MK2 as a übber-Controller (in Live), and also cooking is the KAOS PAD3 which my buddy has befriended for some time now (let's hope they get married soon!!!)

Big hugs and stuff!!!
Cya soon!!!!!!

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