Mar 19, 2009

Modular week ...

That's right...
Just after my last post regarding a promising future in Bidulation, I came across another amazing new pearl in modular-enlightenment:
pd just got easier .... go to CDM and prepare yourself for a new FREE BOOK (and easy to understand) on how to use pd properly....

pd is a stripped FREE version (kind of) of MAX (based on the same kernel, I think) created by Miller Puckette (if you're aiming at the phD in electronic music you should also check out bang|pure data and The theory and technique of electronic music).

So.... being that most Audio/MIDI data can be managed and manipulated by pd, and if you can live without all the widgets that MAX/MSP allows... this can be a very eligible alternative (and cheap) to the €599 Cycling74 endeavour.

That's all for now!!

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