Mar 18, 2009

New Bidule resource! -HOT!!-

Dear all,

In a now usual flash-post, I'd just want to post a new link to PlPheads at NoisePages..
This dude goes by the name of Primus Luta (quite the esoteric type eh?? ;-D ) is going to/has post some tuts on Bidule... He seems quite nice and is making a big commitment in raising expectations around the use of the Canadian Mod-Freak (aka Bidule).

Go Luta, go Luta GO!!!!
(this is not irony... it's desperation regarding the hours that I've spent knocking my head against the wall trying to formalize my nobel-deserving ideas on Bidule)

There are some screencasts already available for your modular delight here.
Go check it out and don't forget to drop a line of acknowledgment!!!

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