Mar 6, 2009

Pre-DAW set-up considerations

Before installing your ubber-setup with all the newest 38872 VSTi and the latest alpha version of your sequencer/host of choice, there's always some homework that usually pays off if thought in advance.
There are lots of articles and blogs that discuss this subject with more depth - please google them out and search for yourselves....
In this case I'm trying to post some essential and near-imediate guidelines in setting things up with the least cost/hassle possible ... trying not to fall in the typical DAW "go-with-the-flow" herd caveat.
It's not that hard to be original these days in these matters..
Just find a FREE ATARI ST emulators and explore the wacky sequencers that "they" were testing, let's say, some more than 10 or 15 years ago... (more on this on future posts)

And yes, it can be done!

I found two articles (both from CDM) that explain the best FREE utilities that one should keep at bay when preparing your computer for semi-serious music production.

First of all, the most generic non-musical apps that you should keep in a usb pen, just in case.

Secondly, and more appealing, there are the FREE music-ish apps that you should never leave home without.

Again, I'm sorry for the short posts....

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