Jan 19, 2009

Bidule challenge 1

Ok... Even though I'm not having that much time to try it anyway, I propose a new type of posts dully called "Challenges" .

Hmmm..... intriguing isn't it!!!

Well.... One calls out a task, to-do list or some work-flow dilemma and posts it to gather intelligence on the enigmatic issue.

Enough said...

Bidule Challenge 1

Take a sampled loop, with fixed duration (let's say 2 bars) and get it to be triggered at a certain point in a sequence (16 bars), so that the sampled loop stays in tempo with the master sequence.
(Just like in Ableton Live).... Let's imagine the sequence is running, and you trigger the sampled loop, so the "bidule" should get the trigger and wait until the sequence is at 2n bars and then shoot it!

I'll get into this as soon as I can...
and.. post this in the Bidule Forum to gather further intelligence ;-)

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