Jan 8, 2009

A friend of mine....

.... just borrowed me a Wacom tablet!!!!

Can't wait to start Biduling with it!!!

A couple of days ago I went through tutorial 4 of Front and Back and gave a huge step forward in understanding the B-Motherfucker..

I urge you to it ASAP!!! The tutorials are F-Amazing!!!!

Another good thing about the tablet is that I can now make speedy diagrams of ideas of midi/audio routing and post them here very very quickly!!!!

By the way, how's your Bidule level? have you gone deeper in it?

PS: Friday @Tuatara Lounge: "She'll Out Sessions II" . The feminine side of chill out!!! Some friends of mine are playing there!!
Starts at 23h, price tag €7 w/ beer!!


  1. Girls and chill-out all rolled up into a concept sounds nice. Friday means day-off from dishwashing for me, so let's do it.

    I'm still working on what to *bidule* about, on reason. But I'll be *biduling* soon...

  2. My reading attention completelly skipped the Wacom tablet part!!! You gotta tell me how that goes - I'm into getting one myself since like forever! Can we get it to control MIDI? Can we, can we, can we???