Jan 27, 2009

TRUE Online Collaboration (a myth turned true??)

I was reading some stuff on how people can produce music together at a distance...

I found Dropbox which is more or less "content"-independent but the files are sync'ed and updated if one of the members does something new... this could prove interesting as long as we're using the same tools..(It's actually a SVN for dummies - like most of us probably)

The other one is RiffWorks-T4 which could be quite interesting... I'm still to spend a couple of hours to know the "if's" and "do's" and "don'ts" of it but.... I'd like to think that decisions should be taken with maximum of possibilities at hand!!!

Hope to get some feedback soon!!


  1. I'm having trouble working with myself... Guess there's no software for that. Just stopped by to say that I'm here and I'm listening. In my off-work time, I've been indulging in hobbies like ingesting food, lying motionless in a bed and, at times, I even get to do some personal hygene. But thankfully my boss is trying to put an end to all this sloth and I'm sure he's about to find something useful for me to do with all that spare time that I waste in sleeping.

  2. Dude...
    no worries, no stress, no pressure here!
    Just keep your head high and stand strong!

    Cya soon!