Jan 12, 2009

Vocoder use in Reason

Just to keep'em coming frequently:

Just watched a nice tutorial on how to use the Reason vocoder in loops.
Quite nice I'd say!!!

Go have a look here.
(courtesy of Mo Volans in AUDIOTUTS)

.....just an extra that got me laughing out loud!!!

Some random dude posted a video on Youtube claiming to have downloaded a Super-secret beta build of Reason 5. (At this stage I must say I was in awe....)

(a mouse click and 3:37 min later)

I realized that it was in fact a clever and witty mockery on all the retards who are looking for the Holy Grail of ready-made music production..
But the really funny part is that there are some dudes who are really into it and start asking the prices and upgrade solutions from Reason 4....

Just Hilarious!!!

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